Saturday, 13 February 2016

Kupi-Kupi FM 96.3fm in the House

Hello guy's from me Kamibahini.

Out of topic today, who's in the house today? It's  Kupi-Kupi FM 96.3fm.

Kupi-Kupi FM 96.3fm is another local Sabahan radio channel that has been launch on January 2016.

Kupi-Kupi FM 96.3fm is a latest Sabah radio station that prioritize 80% more of our local Sabahan songs. This sound so good; it make me stuck on their channel Kupi-Kupi FM 96.3fm but i hope it be more than 90% cause it's the way we recognized our Sabahan artists.

Kupi-Kupi Fm – 96.3fm

Another great news is, all the presenter are local artiste such as Janrywine Lusin, Queenera Kitingan, Velvet Aduk, Gregory Giting and Nizhamul Hayat.

Plus more attracting attention is the usage of  pure Sabah slang and native language are main language on Kupi-Kupi FM 96.3fm.

As Kupi-Kupi Fm – 96.3fm mention on their YouTube channel;

"Ultimately, Kupikupifm’s goal is to become a sanctuary for Sabahan songs, stories and heritage. It hopes to become their go-to station to lighten the heavy heart, to allay their worries and concerns and to listen to when they yearn for home."

Kupi-Kupi FM preview;

Here's Kupi-Kupi FM 96.3fm programs that has been installed for all Sabahan listener out there.

01. Bangun Bogia Kinabalu - with Niz and Greg (6am - 10am)
02. Ki Ki Bah - with Nera (10am - 1pm)
03. Macam D KK - with Janrywine (1pm - 4pm)
04. Steady Ko Geng - with Velvet (4pm - 8pm)

Let follow Kupi-Kupi FM 96.3fm on their official site as shown below:

01. Facebook Pages: KupiKupi FM
02. Twitter: Kupikupifm96.3 @kupikupifm963
03. YouTube channel: KupiKupifm Radio Station
04. Website:

Just browse and click the link above to direct yourself to their main/ official site.

I hope Kupi-Kupi FM 96.3fm will be coming with their online radio broadcast; so that I can listen to their Kupi Kupi chat and Sabahan songs.

Last but not less; keep up the good jobs from me Kamibahini to Kupi-Kupi Fm – 96.3fm cause I'm one of your fan here. Tagline: Kupi-Kupi Fm – 96.3fm "Kita-kita Juga Baini!"

Regards from me - Kamibahini.

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