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Lirik Isai Oku - Jaidy Bading

You're viewing lyrics and music video for Isai Oku by Jaidy Bading

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Video: Isai Oku - Jaidy Bading

Lirik Lagu: Isai Oku - Jaidy Bading

posunudon ku iti
doho'd kinosusuon
kampung ku timpak nulu
osodu'd kakadaian
osodu'd kasanangan

walaiku sulap-sulap
taap sinorut-sorut
losuan nung magadau
pohisan nung rumasam
sogiton dongotuong

nung mintutun ko doho
kada kasalu-salu
okon oku pagawai
okok nogi karani

karaja putung gata
tanak mororobuat
nung koilo koh doho
yoku tanak mosikin

oi tambalut kou ngawi
kada kotingayamai
hinonggo oh tadon toh
poingkuro koposion toh
isai gia ti tinan toh

Repeat [1][2][3]

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