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Lirik Mongoi Paka - Albrain Onong

You're viewing lyrics and music video for Mongoi Paka by Albrain Onong

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Video: Mongoi Paka - Albrain Onong

Lirik Lagu: Mongoi Paka - Albrain Onong

Mongoi akai do paka
Mongoi akai momukot
Kosulung do bombulan
Solura katam'katam

Mongoi akai do asak mogium do kakagis
Mogium do kakagis sino katangaran
Miramai'ramai akai mogium do kakagis
Sumakai akai podou poinsadai sino paka


Monigup bagu akai monigup era biru
Rukut'rukut akai usin momboli era biru
Muli mantad do paka mutong'mutong do losok
Kaa lagi nakapaju terus'terus ongoi ugad

Moginum bagu akai moginum arak kampung
Kipusas ikan karuk'karuk mantad sino paka
Ngiging bagu yamai nagiging arak kampung
Nokoilop bagu yamai nokoilop ikan karuk

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