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Lirik Darun Piginavaan - Rasmoi Otong

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Video: Darun Piginavaan - Rasmoi Otong

Lirik lagu Darun Piginavaan - Rasmoi Otong

Darun darun e piginavaan to
Nongozopos ginavo to miduvo
Sodop diri osomok no minsusuvab

Pinozungan oku dikau pazung piginavaan
Korud dit monguni pinensomok dikito
Alasu osogit ginavo ku hiza diri

Ho..ho..ho..amu oku kotongkizad dikau
Mulongka baiko ong songminit duvo minit
Ho..ho..ho..ovito oku no dikau
Mogihim tupakon sid kopiisaan to

Sid sahau do puun poring
Silo kito ho dinumundung
Odo runan kad olosuan asapou
Avantang gamanu manaud dohon
Asono..poguhangan ku..

Repeat [1][2][3][4]

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