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Lirik Norubat Sinsing Amas - Jos Ginsos & Rosinah

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Video: Norubat Sinsing Amas - Jos Ginsos & Rosinah

Lirik lagu Norubat Sinsing Amas - Jos Ginsos & Rosinah

J: [1]
Norubat nodi sinsing amas
Tanda pipusan ngoduo
Au rinambit dii molohing nu
Mimang iyolo do pili dau

R: [2]
Norubat no ie piombalutan
Nopupusan ig tanga ralan
Sorohon aiso nodi guno
Ie gulu au nodi gumuli

J: [3]
Kada kaus om tumogod
Mulong ingga kinorikoton
Sonongon nopo daa ginawo
Kumaa koposion kawa-wagu

R: [4]
Sundung ingga kinorikoton
Iman-imanon pogulu
Sambanyang kito tikid tadau
Mooi kopiguli ka-wagu

Repeat [1][2][3][4]

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