Thursday, 1 June 2017

Lirik Langad Ginawoku - Benn, Nars & LP Raphael

You're viewing lyrics and music video for Langad Ginawoku by Benn, Nars & LP Raphael.

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Video: Langad Ginawoku - Benn, Nars & LP Raphael

Lirik lagu Langad Ginawoku - Benn, Nars & LP Raphael

Koturu romou matoku
Lumunggui ginawoku
Lumangad dika koupusan
Poinsodu doid doho

Poingirot ginawoku
Onggomonku batos toh
Tu miiso kito da'a
Insan tadau..u..

Sinsing id tonturuku
Poingirot do poinsulung
Miagal 'ti ginawoku
Poingirot mupus dika

Au insan oku'd kolihu
Dika koginawan
Tu ika noh da songulun

Ondos ginawoku diti
Pointopot oh ginawo nu
Sunimuai minogiduan doho

Haro nangku o sala ku
Nokosinduol ginawonu
Ompuno oku noh
Oi koupusan..

Guli noh doid doho
Oupus ginawoku dika
Langad ginawoku
Oruol opurimananku..

Repeat [1][2][3],[1][2]

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