Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Lirik Yoho Noiman Iman - Masly Kamanyan

You're viewing lyrics and music video for Yoho Noiman Iman by Masly Kamanyan.

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Video: Yoho Noiman Iman - Masly Kamanyan

Lirik lagu Yoho Noiman Iman - Masly Kamanyan

Poinliga oku id titigahon
Ontok timpu-timpu misawang tulan
Poingintong oku nogi loh tulan
Om osorouku noh ngawi ih nakatalib

Kosorou koh poh nangku koupusan
Sontob nawayaan dii maso toh miupus-upus
Id sahau binabang dilo tulan
Sopiduduo toh mibatos au mitongkiad

Nga baino aiso nodi ngawi
Miagal poh dii ngawi do tonipi
Suai noh kusai nakasawo dika
Okon koh yoho poh dii oh koupusan nu

Rinubat rubat tii piupusan toh
Solinaid diti totosku popogirot
Oiman-iman noh daa tii ginawoku
Nga kuroyon podi iti noh matu nasipku

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