Saturday, 7 April 2018

Lirik Nopilatan - Lanree

You're viewing lyrics and music video for Nopilatan by Lanree.

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Video: Nopilatan - Lanree

Lirik lagu Nopilatan - Lanree

magalud oh niu mokito ku
ih namanau sonturu-turu romou
matawanan ku suang do guang mu
nopilatan awat sundung kakal momurimon

morongog ku dolou mu mantangi
singut-singut mogilong daki
loin dokou loin daki do salah
piginawaan diti kaa no giri takau

mimasing kito do ondom
mimasing pogumbayaan
niu ko soborong daat
tio aku situ do katangaran

nalu po ani kaandaman
dumilit do ribau guang
arap aku insan oduo dumimpot
koginawaan nitikau

repeat [1][2]

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