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Lirik Nilumayau - Tabias John

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Video: Nilumayau - Tabias John

Lirik lagu Nilumayau - Tabias John

nilupanan nilupanan, mu janji mu rakon
inaya ko inaya ko, kuvayau vahu mu
enivit enivit, ko ra inakou
nilumayau nilumayau, ra indonesia

naimbayauan naimbayauan, aku ra inan mu
ra oko no ra oko, enintawoi rako
amansian amansian, no huang ku
suku suku, huang ku ra tumambuyun

raino raino, anduli ku rakon
koson ku koson ku, anduli riun
inan ku inan ku, sino no katangan
anak ku anak ku, ra limo noyoh

ahuang mu poyoh inan soro
elain mu yak gambar to ruoh
gambar to ruoh ra ranansarang

Repeat [1][2]

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