Monday, 10 September 2018

Lirik Tupusku Om Tupusnu - Irene Gusup

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Video: Tupusku Om Tupusnu - Irene Gusup

Lirik lagu Tupusku Om Tupusnu - Irene Gusup

tupus ku dika
ika noh songulun
aiso noh suai
do upuson ku

aharap oku
nogi id dika
kopurimon koh
nunu ih purimonon ku huu..

tupusku om nogi tupusnu
au milo pitongkiadon
miagal tonsi om sondulu
misokot kasari
tupusku om tupusnu
poingirot kasari

mulong tuh sopi insodu kito
misorou kito
do kasasari, huu. .huu..

Repeat [1][2]

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