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Lirik Ika Noh Seeso - Melinda Dadew

You're viewing lyrics and music video for Ika Noh Seeso by Melinda Dadew.

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Video: Ika Noh Seeso - Melinda Dadew

Lirik lagu Ika Noh Seeso - Melinda Dadew

Roun di notilib
Sinogi do tongus om rasam id tologod
Mungkodom koh nogi do momurimon
Sonsodon ku turos nu koupusan ku
Onsikou oku
Nasanganu ku
Ginawo nu

Sosodopon di oligkang
Mintong kito dilo tadau do tumonob
Mi'igit kito doh longon koupusan
Angatan ku ika
Id nonggo nopo
Id tongoyon nu

Mongoi kito ilo'd tawan
Mongoi kito ilo'd tulan
Mongoi kito lod rombituon
Mintong kito pomogunan mantad sawat
Om orotion nu poingkuro tupus ku id dika

Mongoi kito lod tangah rahat
Intangai noh posorili
Okito nu kito noh ngoduo
Aiso noh tulun suai id okito nu
Igudi noh iti tupus ku
Ika seeso noh id upuson ku
*ika noh seeso*

Kotumbayai no ti borosku
Ika seeso noh upuson ku
Gompion ku piupusan toh

Id kotuongan
Iti oku id toning nu
Migit kito do lilin
Papanawaw ti kotuongon
Di popolisok
Koposion toh

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