Saturday, 3 November 2018

Lirik Ina Kahangadan - Elizabeth Meji

A tribute song.

You're viewing lyrics and music video for Ina Kahangadan by Elizabeth Meji.

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Video: Ina Kahangadan - Elizabeth Meji

Lirik lagu Ina Kahangadan - Elizabeth Meji

Ina tadau di baino noh
Kinouhitan kinotongkizadan nu
Pagabason ku diti upusku
Moi do ouhan pinanau koduduvo nu

Ina ontok di tongkizad koh
Otuvong vinoun topiumananku
Niduanan nu do sogigisom

Ina tukadan ku podii oh tavan
Nga au nodi koium diau ina
Ingaan podii kandaman ngaavi dii upus nu
Monuau diti koposizonku

Repeat [1]

Ina kotumbazai noh
Au ih tumahup kandaman ku dia
Sontob ngavi di upus nu dogo
Gompizonku do sogigisom

"There is really no word to describe the blow at the death of our loved ones. When we try to remember someone we love so dearly that is no more with us, we can be certain no one else on Earth could understand our feelings of going through life without such a significant piece of our life that we can never let go of.

However, we hope all of them are now enjoying the peace they never quite found here on Earth. We also hope they are smiling up there knowing that all those who love them will carry their memories in their hearts wherever they go." - source/ credit: andog1961

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