Saturday, 2 February 2019

Lirik Kalawon - Edie Andayol

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Video: Kalawon - Edie Andayol

Lirik lagu Kalawon - Edie Andayol

Vavati kiralanon
Susuhut mai ra tuuh vahu
Tutuni akai kanawai
Sawangi akai ra ralan onsoi

Apari noh sunsuyon
Panggalih noh hinuuton mai
Sunsuie akai kanawai
Ivito akai ra intok atahoh

Uvaso akai ra kapanggalan mu
Paie noh akai ra tatahi
Aimbisan akai nu ulun vuayoi

Impalo pamahunan
Impalo noyo ra orou matong
Sindungi akai kanawai
Oko noh kua kalawon atulai

Repeat [1][2]

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