Saturday, 23 February 2019

The Best Of Benn Simon Bukag

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Check this out, another fan made compilation songs 'The Best Of Benn Simon Bukag' by Media Hiburan Sabah.

Benn Simon Bukag, local artists from Kota Belud, Sabah, are very talented in singing, composing and a songwriter. He even has his own recording studio to expose local talent.

Continue to work because Ben Simon Bukag is a state asset of Sabah. The Sabahan really really proud of you.

The Best Of Benn Simon Bukag compilation song list

1. Au Koh Insan
2. Binsorou Mamtos Kolungguian
3. Boros Nu Di Tohuri Noh
4. Borosku
5. Harapan Yang Nyata
6. Haro Sumandak
7. Kad Sio
8. Koupusan Ku
9. Menemani Aku
10. Noromuk Lansanku
11. Nung Noilaanku Suang Ginawonu
12. Piombolutan Auh Kosiliu Piupusan
13. Simbaro Sunduanku Langadon
14. Siou Noh Koupusanku
15. Tulun Taparu

Listen to The Best Of Benn Simon Bukag

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. We provide you only the best Sabahan music version most popular song. There will be more song to come.

If you like the compilation songs of The Best Of Benn Simon Bukag, do make sure to get this album & singles through the proper channels and Please purchase the ORIGINAL vcd / cd at the store near you. Support Sabahan Artist!

We did not claim the copyright of the song. This video version is personal use purpose only. For further act do liaise to Media Hiburan Sabah.

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