Friday, 26 March 2021

Lirik Langadku Dika - VellaSyah

Lagu & Lirik: Jexley 
Penyanyi : VellaSyah 
Vocal record : BR Studio Keningau (Mr Sapilin)
Muzik Producer & Mixing : Tuni Microstudio (Johor)

Langadku Dika - VellaSyah music video

Langadku Dika - VellaSyah lyrics

Lyrics for Langadku Dika by VellaSyah is not available/ just a snippet lyrics right now.

So, let us tuning the music video and listen the songs track below, Thank You. 

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You are welcome to comments for any correction on the lyrics are provided here. Lirik lagu VellaSyah - Langadku Dika lyrics.

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