Dear KamiBahIni follower,

Hai.. i'm developer and a blogger for KamiBahIni would like to say a big THANKS to all follower out their.

KamiBahIni just a blog that share our own local Sabahan only wither it's oldies or new song's.

Some of KamiBahIni follower comment 'Why this lyrics can't be copy & paste?'.

Why this lyrics can't be copy & paste? on KamiBahIni

It's simple and easy to said, the copy & paste already disable here but still can be copy & paste to whom that expert on HTML web code.

So how to get this lyrics on KamiBahIni?

If you guy's look further above on share system, there're Print icon on it.

How to print KamiBahIni lyrics? Just click the Print icon and you will be bring forward to print system and then print it out, easy and simple.

I will be adding some PDF system that can be use to convert KamiBahIni lyrics in PDF file.

Finally, a big SORRY for disabling copy & paste on KamiBahIni blog.

Do subscribes & follow on a new update lyrics on KamiBahIni.

Let's us support together for our local Sabahan Songs.

Best Regard's, KamiBahIni, God Bless All